Thursday, December 26, 2013

Philippine Stock Market: Signals a Bear Market

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The PSEi moved up today by 0.34%, however, my portfolio is still bloody red.

The market has been going down month by month and day by day. According to this month's Truly Rich Club (TRC) Stocks Update, COL Researches are seeing signs of a bear market.

You might have heard of the terms Bull and Bear Market. Let's look at how they are defined.

Bull vs. Bear Market

According to, it is a bull market when prices are rising or are expected to rise. We experienced a bull market early this year when we hit 7000 level and more.

A bear market, on the other hand, is a market condition in which the prices of securities are falling, and widespread pessimism causes the negative sentiment to be self-sustaining ( This is the time when the market is down or is expected to be down for months or longer.

Is Philippine Stock Market in the Bear Market already?

There are three prerequisites for a market to be defined as a bear market, as per our TRC Stocks Update:
1. Its index must drop 20% from its high.
2. Downturn is also seen in other broad indices (ex. PASHR or the Philippine All Shares Index)
3. The drop is carried over a 2-month period or more.

So far, the first two prerequisites have been satisfied but not the 3rd one yet. Though this is the case, the market is still showing a downtrend which has been caused by some events such as US Fed Tapering, Typhoon Yolanda destruction and Foreign investors continued selloff.

What to do during a Bear Market?

For short-term investors, a bear market might not be a good time to invest. This is because the market might be down for a long period which means profit-taking will be very hard during this time.

For long-term investors (such as Truly Rich Club members), we are taught to take this event, when the market is down, as an opportunity to buy great companies at a cheaper price. TRC provides a list of companies that we should invest in and what prices are to be considered for buying and selling shares. So as long as it is within the "Buy Below Price", we continue to accumulate shares at a regular basis (can be monthly or weekly depending on your fund availability).

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If you are planning to be a long-term investor, this time of the year is a good opportunity to buy. Get that extra cash left from your Christmas bonus or incentives, and open an account in COL Financial. To get updates and guides on what stocks to buy and at what price to buy or sell the shares, you can also visit the Truly Rich Club page and join to receive monthly stock updates.

For long-term investors, this is our planting season. Don't miss the opportunity.

Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them   
-Psalm 126:6 (NIV)

May Success be to you,

Saturday, October 5, 2013

An Inspiring Day: 8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire Seminar

The seminar ended more than 24 hours ago but up to this moment, I can feel the resounding beat of my heart. It shouts my desire to become a millionaire someday - at my thirties.

Why desire to become wealthy? to become a millionaire?
Because I have a dream - That time will come when I don't have to worry about money. It's abundant, it will no longer become a concern for me so all I can focus on are the most important things: to spend quality time with my loved ones, to build relationships with other people and to affect others in a fruitful way, to serve God with all my strength, and to live happily and worry-free.

Whew! Writing those dreams and imagining that those will happen brings fire from within me and puts a very wide smile on my face.

I love this feeling. It brings positive vibes all over me.
I guess this is the after-effect of attending Bro. Bo's seminars. Haha.

Oh well, going back to the seminar....

The 8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire

The seminar was held in AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo from 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN. It started with songs of praise to God that filled the venue with calmness and positivity. Bro Bo made us recite the Declaration of Wealth before we go to the discussion of the habits. We then proceed with the 8 habits and here they are:

Habit 1: Define Your Wealth
Habit 2: Find Your Emotional Why
Habit 3: Create Your Wealth Beliefs
Habit 4: Be Consistently Aggressive
Habit 5: Create Money Machines
Habit 6: Control Your Cash
Habit 7: Stick To Your Game
Habit 8: Pass On Your Wealth

The first habit lets you ask, think hard and realize what your wealth really is. Bro Bo made us define our wealth. It made me think what really matters to me and I know it's not money but my loved ones and of course, my ultimate boss, God. After defining your wealth, he digs in to your deepest frustrations, trials and dreams. He told stories of failure and how those failures brought out the millionaires/billionaires in him and other successful entrepreneurs he knows. Those failures became their emotional why and I found mine to be my painful experiences, ongoing trials and ultimate dreams.

After the two habits, he then attacked our beliefs..our perception and actions towards wealth with the 3rd and 4th habits. He mentioned habits that we should get rid off like the Haciendero Complex, Bahala Na Attitude, Lotto Culture and Manana Habit and the mindset that money is hard to earn or to get. Instead, we should always think that "Money is Everywhere" and God gave us the capacity to produce wealth. We should be aggressive to become wealthy. Every one of us is interested to become wealthy. But more than being interested, it's the commitment that matters. How committed are we in getting wealthy? A question I asked myself after the discussion of this habit.

The fifth, sixth and seventh habit give idea on where to start your road to being a millionaire. Successful people shared their stories. Steve Tamayo, owner of Tamayo's Catering Services and Restaurants, impart his inspiring life experience. Maves Angeles and Ivy Sepe, both happy missionary millionaires, also gave their pieces. These three people have a common denominator - they came from poor family but that didn't stop them from creating money machines that made them happy millionaires. Bro Bo mentioned 2 kinds of money machines - manual and automatic. What we should aim is the automatic money machine. Something that gives you income even if you are not working for it anymore. Paper assets is one of them. Bonds, mutual funds or the stock market ares samples of money machines. Income from Multi Level Marketing is also an example. Apart from creating money machines, we should also learn to control our cash. Spend 70 % and invest 30% of your income and STOP BORROWING! Yeah, I'm shouting. Also, to attain success, we should stick to our game. Know where you are very good at, forget your weaknesses and do something that you really love. That's my take home in this habit.

Last, but not the least, pass on your wealth. Share the blessings because when we die, we cannot bring anything that we had on Earth. We die broke! So while we can - give. While we are alive - share. At the end of the seminar, tears were falling down my face while singing worship songs. I felt all the trials and pains but I thank God I have all of those because I had motivation, I had reasons to pursue my dreams.

Overall, it was a fantastic seminar. It's LOADED! Packed with spiritual uplifting, humor, realization, motivation, inspiration.....a free book (The Turtle Always Wins), an autograph from Bro Bo and a picture with him, and all of these, I got for only 975 pesos! What a deal!

My Free Book "The Turtle Always Wins"
If you want to be blessed with these kind of seminars, I encourage you to join Truly Rich Club. Truly Rich Club members receive announcements on Bro Bo's seminars before everyone else. Plus, if we register earlier, we get an "Early Bird" Discount. The original price of the seminar is 1275 (For VIP tickets, it's 1475 - you are given the front seats plus you get free autograph book). If you bring along someone with you, they will be given the same rate as you had as an "early bird" truly rich club member. In this case, it is also 975 pesos only. So if you want to receive these discounts and updates, join Truly Rich Club. Be ahead of others, act now and experience the blessings and perks of being a Truly Rich Club member.

May Success be to you,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

MBT paid 30% Dividend - What To Do If You Didn't Get It

Did MBT surprised you last Monday, Sept 16?
I hope it did. They just gave the 30% stock dividend they promised months back.

What to do if you didn't receive your expected stock dividend?

1. Check the date when you acquired your shares.

Make sure you bought the shares on or before August 28, 2013 as the ex-date is August 29, 2013.

2. Check your selling date.

A stockholder can only get a dividend when he/she sold the shares owned on or after the ex-date. So check when you sold your shares. Selling date should be on August 29, 2013 or later.

3. Contact your broker immediately.

If you checked the selling date and buying date already and either of the two was satisfied (selling shares on or after ex-date or buying shares before the ex-date), then call your broker immediately. In COL Financial, we get the dividends before end of day on the scheduled payment date.

Hope this was beneficial for those who experienced not getting dividend the first time.

Happy Investing!

P.S. For those who wanted to get guidance in stock market; what to buy, when to buy, or when to sell,  I recommend joining Truly Rich Club. If you have clarification on how to join this amazing club, feel free to contact me through the form in "Contact Me" tab. Thanks!

May success be to you,

Saturday, August 24, 2013

How To Process SMDC Shares After Tender Offer

UPDATED as of 9/13...

Were you not able to exchange your SMDC shares to SMPH shares?

There are a lot of people who have been asking me how they can process their SMDC shares since the tender offer had passed. I haven't experienced this so I really can't share a firsthand experience but I was able to contact a more knowledgeable person and stock market mentor in the Truly Rich Club forum through our "facebook-like" social networking. It's a lot easier to post queries.

I called the numbers given to me by the mentor from Truly Rich Club and I was transferred to this number below.

Contact numbers:
+632-840-7000 loc. 32104

I was able to talk to a person named Michelle. Tell her you weren't able to exchange your shares during the tender offer.

Here are the questions I asked her and below are the answers I got from her:

1. Can an SMDC shareholder still tender his/her shares even if the offer has ended?
Right now, SM Land Inc. has already acquired their targeted percentage of share. (As far as I can remember they targeted for 95% and they were able to acquire more than that). As of the moment, it is under discussion on whether SM Land Inc. will still consider processing the acquisition of the remaining stocks of those who weren't able to tender their share. Please tell Michelle your name and how many shares you still have as they are listing it down. There's no assurance that SM Land will still buy those but they might use the information (on how many shareholders are still willing to sell their shares) in deciding what to do. Again, there's no assurance that they will buy it but at least give it a try to have your name and number of shares included in the list.

2. Can I still post a sell order to my SMDC shares in PSE?
No. Since transacting of SMDC shares has been suspended and SMDC filed for voluntary delisting already. This means SMDC will not be actively participating in the buy and sell transactions in PSE.

3. If I can't tender my shares to SMDC and I can't sell it in PSE, what will I do with my shares?
Option #1. Sell it. To whom? To individuals who are willing to buy it from you. It will be your responsibility to look for a buyer and to process the buy and sell manually to SMDC office.

Option #2. Keep it and enjoy the benefits of being a shareholder like receiving dividends. Dividends will be sent to you directly.

I know this is a not-so-good news for those who weren't able to tender their shares but I hope this post enlightened you with how things are going to be. Appreciate your feedback if you have any. Please post comments below.

P.S. Again, for newbies out there who wanted to join the stock market but have no idea how to do it. Do not be discouraged if you aren't knowledgeable enough or you have ZERO knowledge in stock market. There's a club who can help and guide you, and that is the Truly Rich Club.

Join Truly Rich Club so you can send direct messages to stock market experts. I was able to get information on the contact numbers through a stock market mentor in the club. The club also releases newsletter and stock alerts whether to buy, sell or hold their suggested stocks. No need to worry about researching and narrowing down a list from all the very good companies to invest in. The club does those researches for you. If you want to join the club, just click on the image below:

                                                       Join the Truly Rich Club

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Happy Investing everyone! And may success be to you.

Monday, August 19, 2013

METROPOLITAN BANK & TRUST COM. (MBT): 30% Stock Dividend Ex-Date Announcement

The moment I've been waiting for has come.
METROPOLITAN BANK & TRUST COM. ( MBT ) has finally announced the details of the 30% stock dividend for shareholders.

Dates to Remember:
1. Ex-Date - August 29, 2013
2. Payment Date - September 16, 2013

Here's the news from COL Financial which I am sharing with you.

When Do I Buy Shares To Ensure I Get The Dividend?

To ensure you get the dividend, buy shares BEFORE the EX-DATE. Those who hold the shares a trading day before the ex-date will receive the dividend. Therefore, since August 29 is MBT's ex-date, make sure you buy MBT shares on August 28 at the latest or you sell your shares (if you have) after August 28, 2013. 

When Will I Receive the 30% Dividend?

Payment Date is on September 16, 2013. So, if you are a COL Financial user, you will receive a notification in your email address regarding the stock dividend you will receive on September 16. Here's a sample mail of Stock Dividend notification I received during the payment date of my SMPH stock dividend:

What's the Minimum Amount I Need to Buy MBT Shares?

MBT Details:
Price per share: 110.10 pesos as of August 16, 2013 closing time.
Boardlot: 10 shares

If the price of MBT shares remains the same as of August 16, 2013, you only need 110.10 pesos * 10 shares = Php 1101 to buy the shares (plus charges that will most probably not exceed 30 pesos). If it becomes lower, then it's much better. You'll get 10 shares at a lower price.

Grab this very good opportunity to own additional shares of MBT for FREE. Buy or hold your shares until August 28. The MORE shares you hold, the MORE shares you get for FREE!

Happy Investing!

P.S. For those who want to get stock market guidance, I recommend you join Truly Rich Club.
It's more than just a club for me. It is a blessing.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Philippine Stock Market: An Investor's Strategy

It's been a while since I last posted in my blog.

A lot has happened in the market - from the drastic drop to the unpredictable ups and downs and now the green light is dominating my portfolio. By "green light" I mean the stocks I purchased is now having a higher value than the amount I spent buying them. They have gained in value. A portfolio has red colored fonts when a stock's current value is lower than the amount spent buying shares.

Now, we are experiencing a little gain in the market. Though this is the case, we are still on the "SALE!!!" period. The prices have gone up but still their value are lower than their actual value. So make sure that you are following our strategy.

What strategy? You may ask. Well, an investor's strategy is to buy shares REGULARLY. May it be monthly, weekly or daily. It depends on how much money you have set aside as your regular savings. Let me stress it. The money you put in stock market is the money that you have allotted for your savings. (Not the money that you will use for your house rent, utility bill payments or any other expenses.) We wanted to build our portfolio for our retirement or future expenditures, that's why our savings should be there for a long time.

So again, investors like us should follow this strategy: "Save regularly and use your savings to buy shares regularly." And of course, to know what stocks you should buy, you can join Truly Rich Club to get updates on what companies are good to invest in. Click here to join TRULY RICH CLUB.

Dividend Updates for July based on COL Financial's system:

Sunday, June 2, 2013

SM, SMDC and SMPH Merging News

Previously on my post About SMPH, SMDC and SM Land Consolidation, I mentioned that a news came up regarding the merging of the three. Why is the merging of these 3 great stocks important in deciding whether we keep our shares in SMPH, SMDC or SM? I explained in my previous post that once they merged, only one will remain in the market and there's a possibility of the 2 stocks being delisted.

On May 31, I read a news from my online stock broker, COL Financial, that the trading was suspended for the three (SM, SMPH, SMDC). This is to give way to the major announcement of SM Group. And here's what I got from COL Financial's news portal:

In the above article, it is said that SM Investments Corporation (SMIC) and SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SM Prime) will be consolidated and the surviving entity is no other than........ SMPH! This is good news as this means that we will still see SMPH rocking the market. Yeah!

How will the merging happen?

Taken from the above article, there will be series of steps.

First step: Exchange offers for the outstanding shares of two listed entities - SMDC & HP. SM Land will offer existing shares of SM Prime in exchange for the outstanding shares of SMDC and HP.

Second Step: SM Land, a privately held real estate subsidiary of SMIC, and SMPH will merge.

Third Step: SMPH acquiring specific real estate companies and assets currently held by SMIC in exchange for new shares in SM Prime.

So I think this is good news for our SMPH shareholders. Let's see the performance of SMPH on the next few days.

As for our mentor from Truly Rich Club, there are no announcement on this yet. I am waiting and hoping to receive an update this week, whether the HOLD status will now be lifted.

That's all for now. Stay tuned!

Happy Investing.

To start your STOCK INVESTMENT. Click on the link below:

To know more about Truly Rich Club's mission in helping you attain Spiritual & Financial Abundance at the same time. Click on the link below:

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Metrobank Stock Dividend Approved by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Last April 4, I wrote about a cash dividend given by Metrobank (MBT is the stock code in Philippine Stock Market). Post on MBT Cash Dividend.

Now we have a news from my online broker COL Financial that the stock dividend to be given by MBT is now approved. Here are some of the details:

Metrobank has been in my portfolio for more than a year. I started accumulating shares from this very good company since 2012. So far, it has given me a satisfactory "projected" profit not adding the dividend that I got. I used the term "projected" since I haven't sold my stocks yet so technically, it is not yet added in my balance. To materialize my profit, I have to sell but I am still waiting for the right time to do that. By right time I mean hitting the Target Price that Truly Rich Club has suggested based on their researches. I trust them a lot when it comes to Stock Market stuff.

 As of last Friday's trading, my investment in MBT has the highest gain beating my First Philippine Holdings (FPH) investment which has the highest percentage in my portfolio. It almost reached the target price but resilience has been very much strong that it pulled the price back again to Php 133.70.

Check out my blog every now and then for announcements on the Ex-Date and when the dividends will be credited to your account.

Here's a snapshot of my portfolio comparing FPH and MBT gains:

To know more about Truly Rich Club, just click the link below:

For updates on our latest posts:

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Happy Investing!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

How To Fund Account in Citiseconline or COL Financial

Stock Market Cash Balance not enough?

Here's how you can fund your Citiseconline or COL Financial Bucket for you to be able to buy more shares on your stocks:

1. Bank transaction

    During the first months, I do bank transaction with Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) to fund my account. I choose "Payment" transaction NOT deposit then put my name and my COL Financial account number in the account I should pay for. Of course, amount will be asked.
    They also accept payment transactions for COL Financial accounts in Metrobank and BDO. I haven't tried it yet in Metrobank and BDO but most likely it will be the same with BPI where you do payment transaction and pay to your COL Financial's trading account.
    Lastly, no extra charges for your transactions. :)

2. Online Banking

     Since I've been funding my account regularly, I have to go to the bank twice a month. Good thing we have a very powerful tool called the "Internet" which help me achieve things with just a few clicks.
     As I have mentioned above, I do transaction with BPI so what I can share with you is how you can fund your account through BPI Express Online.
     First, make sure that you register your BPI Account in Once you can access BPI Express Online with your registered account, go to BPI Bank and ask the teller for a form to add your COL Financial trading account in your online account. Fill out the form. As much as we wanted to add your COL Financial account in the system without going to the bank, this is the fastest way to get your account added. You don't have to fax or call their service hotline. After 24-48 hours, you can see your COL Financial account in the list of accounts you can pay online through BPI.
     I know it's a bit tiring to go to bank and fill out forms but it will be just one time. You'll realize that you are saving time and energy if you are going to fund your account online. Online banking became beneficial for me as I can do my transaction without going out of the office.
     Once you have made your payment transaction, wait for 24 hours max to see your additional fund reflected in your stock market cash balance.
      Again,in Metrobank & BDO, it might be same procedure.

After transacting your deposit to your COL Financial or Citiseconline account, wait for 24 hours before it gets reflected.

TIP: Based from my experience, there are times that my deposit gets reflected within the day ( most likely in the afternoon just within the stock market trading hours). This happens when I do my online banking transaction early in the morning. So if you are trying to add funds in your stock market  account to buy additional stocks within the dat, make sure to make your funding transaction early in the morning - 10am at the latest.

That's all for now.
Happy Investing!

Monday, May 13, 2013

When Market Gets Bullish, How Do You Know Which Stocks To Buy?

These past few days including today, my portfolio has gone up like crazy.
There was a time that I had almost 3.57% day change. This means that compared from the previous day’s market value of my stocks, it increased to 3.57% the next day. My eyes get bigger with the positive gain each day. I was able to sell one of my stocks as it already hit the target price suggested by Truly Rich Club.
At first, I liked how the Philippine Stock Market is doing. All the prices are suddenly going up but when I sold my stocks that hit the target price and I have available fund to buy stock, I have one dilemma – I am left with few stocks to choose from.
With the current bullish performance of the Philippine Stock Market it’s really hard to determine which stocks to buy. Prices seem so high that our choices are narrowed down. For starters in the stock market, it would really be good to find something that can guide you as to what stocks to buy at this bullish time in the stock market.
As for me, I am happy that last night I received a Stock Alert Bro. Bo Sachez sent to the Truly Rich Club members. We are given list of few stocks again, which based on their research and consultation from stock market experts are stocks that are still good to invest in, meaning we’ll still have profit. For starters, I know it’s good to experiment and do your own researches but as based from my experience, it’s better that you have a guide especially in this bullish period of the stock market.
I know some stock market newbies who relied on their own knowledge and failed to attain a satisfactory profit. Worst, some of them lost almost half of what they invested. Some of these people are my acquaintances and friends, that’s why I felt responsible to share my experiences in two years of following Truly Rich Club stock suggestion.
If you are investing in stock market and would like to be guided on what stocks to buy, what price to buy or sell and why we should buy or sell a specific stock, I encourage you to join Truly Rich Club. It’s beneficial to have someone guide you as you start your venture in stock market. To know more about the club or to join, click on the link below.

Yes Cath, I want to know more about the Club!

That’s all for now. Happy Investing! J

Saturday, May 11, 2013

She Made 13% Gain in Stock Market for Two Months!

Yeap. That's right. 13% investment gain in two months is possible. Not in bank savings but in Stock Market.

My 23 year old sister invests in stock market now and I am really happy that she finally acted. It took a while before I convinced her. I had to show her my portfolio and share how much I had gained for 2 years of investing in Stock Market. Last February she opened an account in COL Financial, my online stock broker. (Click here if you want to invest in stock market too and see the steps to follow.)
And just by following the steps of her elder sister (that’s me!), she invested in the stocks that Truly Rich Club suggested. As I have been mentioning over and over again, Truly Rich Club really had a big part in what I have gained in Stock Market.
So back to my sister’s portfolio, here’s a screenshot of how much she already gained within less than 3 months:

So far, she gained a total of 13% of her overall investment. Not bad huh?! You can’t even get 5% in a normal savings account so I conclude that 13% is a big gain for barely 3 months’ time. As much as I wanted her to treat us, I don’t want to ask because I told her that she should save that for her retirement. Compounding is really a big factor to attaining a higher gain so withdrawing her earnings might cause her to lose a potential "million" in the future. :)
As for my case, my portfolio has grown a lot as well and with the performance of Philippine’s economy I am able to feel and share the success of our economy. Hope you’ll experience the same.
Happy Investing!

P.S. Know more about Truly Rich Club. Click Here!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Philippine Stock Market Guide For Starters

Decision making is a bit tough when you get a vague view of what you wanted to pursue. It will be a lot easier when you see the whole picture.

One thing that I noticed from my friends and acquaintances is that at first, they get really excited about the thought of getting into stock market investment. For them, it sounds cool. But after sometime, only few really took action. Others got tired of reading reviews from people who got into Philippine Stock Market. While others got discouraged because they find it risky and complicated.

Now, I'm summarizing the steps that I follow when I started investing in Philippine Stock Market to make it easier for newbies and for those who are planning to get into stock market investment to understand the whole cycle.

1. Get Started! Apply for an online broker.

    In my case, I opened an account in COL Financial:
    Choose from the following category where you belong to know how to open an account so you can start    participating in Philippine Stock Market. Click on the link if you are:

             > Filipino Citizen - wants to go directly to COL Financial office

             > Filipino Citizen - wants to send details via courier

             > Not a Filipino Citizen 

When you received your account details, go to Portfolio then check if your fund appears: If it appears, you can start buying stocks.

2. Buy Stocks and Shares.

It's an exciting feeling when you get your account, your fund has been credited in your account and you are finally ready to buy your first stocks. But that excitement suddenly goes low when you finally realize that there are too many companies, which you might or might not know, that appear on the list.

At first, I had this confusion on what stock to buy and at what price it is reasonable to buy it. That is where Truly Rich Club came into the picture. I joined the club and so far I am satisfied with what I get from it. They give Stock Updates (a newsletter type) twice or more in a month. It contains information on what stocks to buy and at what reasonable price to buy a stock based on their researches. In the newsletter "Stock Updates", you will find a portion that has this list:

This contains the columns:
        a. Stock - refers to the suggested stock to buy
        b. Current Price - the price in market as of the date mentioned (in this case it's Jan 23, 2013)
        c. Buy Below Price - indicates the maximum price that you should buy stocks. If the current price goes  high, you stop buying.
        d. Target Price - indicates the price that your stock should hit before you start selling your stock.
        e. Action to Take - it tells you what action to take, whether to continue or stop buying or to start selling your stocks.

My long-term investing becomes easier because I have a clearer picture of the actions I should take. So whenever I login to COL Financial system to buy a certain stock, I simply consult my Stock Updates in Truly Rich Club page to decide. Easy right? It's like hiring a researcher to do the company researches for you and a secretary to tell you whether it's a "go" or "no" to buy a certain stock. :)

If you want to know more about Truly Rich Club, visit their link below. Besides Stocks Updates, you'll find more perks:

3. Accumulate Stocks and Shares.

While the price of the stock I am monitoring is still in the buy below price (Based on Truly Rich Club's Stocks Updates), I accumulate shares. Make sure that every month you set aside a portion from your salary or earnings to fund your account. Develop the discipline of accumulating stocks monthly. Here's a simple guide to develop your saving discipline. Link Here - The Saving Formula

4. Sell Stocks.

When the price has reached its target price (again based on Truly Rich Club's Stock Updates), I sell my stocks and reinvest. That's the next step.

5. Reinvest.

Whatever profit you make, or whatever dividends you receive, REINVEST them. Reinvesting is a key to your success in your long-term investment. Because you are not only growing your capital investment but you are also growing the "free" money you receive.

In more than 2 years in Philippine Stock Market, my membership in Truly Rich Club played and still plays a big role. As a newbie who wants to invest, I don't trust the level of knowledge I have in Stock Market therefore it works for me to have someone who will guide me while I invest in this unfamiliar world. I survived my 2 years with a satisfactory profit that makes my membership in the club worth it. (Click here to see how far I've gone in my two years in Stock market).

And what truly matters now is that some of my family members and friends got encouraged and are already investing in stock market and joining the Truly Rich Club. I am hoping to hear their stories so I can share what has happened to them in their venture in Philippine Stock Market Investment. For now, I can only share my experiences hoping you can learn from them.

Happy Investing!

Monday, April 8, 2013

About SMPH, SMDC and SM Land Consolidation

Last February 20, I received this news about the suggested consolidation of 3 companies. Those are SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SMPH), SM Development Corp. (SMDC), SM Land.

Just last month there were news in COL Financial, my online stock market broker, that the consolidation is bound to be finalized this year according to Henry Sy. Here's a snapshot of the news taken from my online broker's related news on SMPH.

SMPH is one of the stocks suggested by Truly Rich Club to be bought in the stock market. It was placed on an on-hold status and the merging might apparently be the reason why Truly Rich Club suggested to wait for their go signal if we can buy this good company again or we should start selling our stocks.

What happens when SMPH, SMDC and SM Land gets consolidated?

As per the news, once the three companies are consolidated only one will be left and the others will be delisted. So what happens when stocks get delisted? It no longer trades in the exchange and therefore the impact of this one is that stockholders won't have much access to the delisted stocks resulting to a drop off in liquidity and trading volume according to Investopedia.

For now, we in the Truly Rich Club (TRC) are still waiting for the regular Stock Update newsletter they send. One good feature that the club offers now is the facebook-like site that lets you communicate with other members. Since Mike Vinas, the Corporate Accounts Officer and Relationship Manager of COL Financial, is also a member of TRC I was able to ask him a question about the said delisting. Here's our conversation from TRC's social networking site.

Truly Rich Club just gets AWESOME. :) Invite me if you're a member.
Not yet a member? Know more about the club and join by clicking the link below. Enjoy both the financial and spiritual blessings from the club.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below or to send messages privately on the "Post your Message Here" tab. Add me up on twitter @pocketwisepinoy to get updated on my latest posts.

Happy Investing!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

MBT Cash Dividend on April 05, 2013

Read this news from COL Financial, my online broker in Philippine Stock Market. The Cash Dividend for MBT Stockholders will be credited to accounts on April 05, 2013 when cleared by Philippine Depository and Trust Corp (PDTC) . Cash dividends will appear in your "Cash Balance" which you can access when you go to "Trade" tab then "Portfolio". Just check on the left side portion of the window.

MBT is one of the stocks suggested by Truly Rich Club. I have been accumulating this stock for quite sometime and I have seen how it grew. I am thankful that Truly Rich Club is giving list of suggested stocks which I can invest in. They also do research on the companies they suggest which justifies why they are choosing a certain company. If you want to know more about Truly Rich Club, click on the link below and get your free e-book "My Maid Invests in Stock Market and Why You Should Too" (this is really a good book to read if you are planning to start your investments.):


MBT has also an upcoming announcement for a stock dividend. No details of this yet. I will post once I got updates on this.

If you want to know more about Cash Dividends, Stock Dividends and when a stock holder gets dividends, just visit this More on Dividends.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Six-Pack Feature

If Six-pack is desirable for summer, that desirable feature can also be found in COL Financial's System. Only, it is not something that you can find in a human's body.

This is what it looks like.

The Six-Pack

Six-Pack is compose of six small boxes that shows the current status of 6 stocks in one window. You can find this feature if you go to Quotes > Six-Pack.

Locate Six-Pack in COL Financial System

Benefits of Six-Pack

Whether you are buying or selling stocks, you do want to get the best deal in every transaction. Six-pack helps you with this goal by keeping you updated with the prices of each stock. It is mostly beneficial to those investors keeping an eye to multiple stocks.

In my case, it helps me monitor all the stocks included in our Truly Rich Club Stock List. That includes the stock codes seen in the image above: Manila Electric Company (MER), BDO Unibank, Inc. (BDO), Metro Pacific Investments Corp (MPI), First Prime Holdings (FPH), SM Prime Holdings (SMPH), Metropolitan Bank & Trust Com. (MBT). If I have extra cash in my account and I am having difficulty choosing among those great companies given by Truly Rich Club (TRC), I use this feature. It aids me to see what stock is still in the Buy Below Price so I could gain the maximum profit when it hit the Target Price. Buy Below Price and Target Price are terms we use in Truly Rich Club. The club gives us the suggested list of stocks based on their researches and provides us with prices that tells when we can still buy (Buy Below Price) or what price is it best to sell (Target Price). Six-pack feature plus TRC's suggested stocks and price list make my investing much easier.

Click on the link below to know more about the Club and get your free e-book "My Maid Invests in Stock Market and Why You Should Too".


God bless on your investment and may this feature help you.

Feel free to leave your comments. :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Terminology Explained: Ex-Date

One of the ways in which you can earn in Stock Market is through Dividends. So if the company you invested or planning to invest with declares a dividend, make sure you take note of this very important date - EX- DATE. (See more about dividends.)

Let's see some definitions of Ex-Date in different sites:
Taking directly from Investopedia, it is the date on which a security is traded without a previously declared dividend or distribution. After the ex-date, a stock is said to trace ex-dividend. It is also explained in their site that this is the date on which the seller, and not the buyer, of a stock will be entitled to a recently announced dividend. The ex-date is usually two business days before the record date.

While according to Investorwords, the ex-date was created to allow all pending transactions to be completed before the record date. If an investor does not own the stock before the ex-date, he or she will be ineligible for the dividend payout.

To make it easier to understand, let's have an example. Last year, SMPH declared giving out 25% stock dividends with an ex-date of May 21, 2012. So only those who have stocks before May 21, 2012 will get the dividends. If an investor has 1000 stocks before May 21, 2012, he was given 250 more stocks on the payable date which is June 20, 2012. I thought of including this in my blog because last year, I bought more stocks of SMPH hoping to get more stock dividends. When payable date came, I didn't receive what I am expecting to get because I bought the additional stocks on May 21, 2012. So the next time you are aiming to  get dividends, make sure to look at the Ex-Date.

One of the dividends I am expecting now is from Metrobank (MBT). It declared a cash dividend of 1.00 per share.

Since the ex-date is March 5, 2013, those who bought their shares in MBT on that date will not be eligible for a dividend.Those who have their shares until March 4, 2013 is entitled for dividends and will receive dividends on April 3, 2013 based on the Payment Date declared on the news details above.

P.S. MBT is one of the suggested stocks of Truly Rich Club. If you want to know more about the club and what it can do to help you while you start investing in Philippine Stock Market, click on the link below. You can also download a free ebook "My Maid Invests in Stock Market and Why You Should Too" in the link.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Understanding How An Investor Earns in Stock Market

How will my money earn in Stock Market?
I heard this question a couple of times from people who had been asking me about how their money will earn in Stock Market if they invest.

I know you are curious too so let me explain it in the way that I understood it when I was still in my first few months of investing.

There are two ways on how an investment goes up or earns in Stock Market:
1. Value Appreciation
2. Dividends

Value Appreciation

It will be easier to present Value Appreciation of share price by this scenario. Lita,a businesswoman, bought a product (named Product A) for 10 pesos per piece as an introductory price. She thought that in time, Product A will increase its value because consumers will benefit a lot from this product. So she bought 1000 pieces. After a few months the price went up as more and more consumers are believing in the product. Time came that the value of product A appreciated, it costs 15 pesos each. Happy Lita, she sold her products with 50% increase in her capital.

Now, here's  a true strory. Two years ago when I started investing in stock market, we were advised in Truly Rich Club by our mentor Bo Sanchez to buy stocks from SMPH. At that time, the value of each share ranges from 10-11 pesos only. Now, the value of each share ranges from 18 - 19 pesos. So, if you are Lita who believed in the future value of the product she bought (SMPH in this case), you could have gained not just 50% but almost 80% profit. For an accumulation of 1000 shares, your Php 10,000 will become Php 18,000. What if you have 2000 shares? Then your Php 20,000 will become Php 36,000. Try increasing the number of shares and you will be amazed of how much your original investment has increased. I leave the computation and imagination to you. ;) If you are happy with that 5% interest the bank gives you for the whole year (I just hope there's a bank that gives that much interest cause it's usually 2-3% per annum), Lita is happier by 14 times with that 80% profit.

Below are the stocks previously suggested by Truly Rich Club. See how much their values went up in a period of 5 - 14 months. So for Truly Rich Club members, they surely gained a lot. Image taken from one of the Stocks Update we receive in Truly Rich Club. Click here to know more about the Club


There are two types of dividends: Cash and Stocks. 

A cash dividend is something that the company give to its shareholders in the form of, hmmmn... cash. (I know that's a brilliant explanation). Imagine it like the company giving you incentives for investing with them so they are sharing some profit to you. So in our example on SMPH, if you have 1000 shares and the company says it will give Php 1.00 dividend per share, you will get 1000 * 1.00 =  Php 1000.

A stock dividend, on the other hand, is a dividend in the form of stocks. Genius me. Lol. When companies declare that they will give stock dividends, this means your original shares will increase. Let's say you have 1000 shares and the stock dividend issued is 25% of what you have. That means your 1000 shares will become 1250 shares. The stock dividend given can be sold to convert it to cash. Once sold, it goes directly to your fund.

That's basically how your money increases or earns when you invest in Stock Market. But of course, you have to know what stocks to invest in. For a newbie like me and a young professional who doesn't have enough time to make researches for all the companies listed in PSE, I joined Truly Rich Club. It's a lot easier since they give reviews of the stocks they suggest to buy and sends update as to when is the best time to buy and sell stocks. You will be guided as you start your investment. I have been a member for more than two years and I'm happy with how much I have earned. See my previous post on My Two Years of Investing in Stock Market and How I earned.

If you're reading this because you want to increase your financial wisdom, I recommend that you download this free ebook by Bo Sanchez. This opened my mind into a world of financial abundance.

                           Get Bo's FREE ebook!

Friday, March 1, 2013

3-Step Practical Way to Start Your Saving Habit

Previous Post: Philippine Stock Market for Non-Filipinos - Apply in CitisecOnline

Pocket Check!

How much money do you still have in your pocket before the next payday?
How much savings do you have in your bank account?
If you have a little trouble saving money, then you might want to try these simple and practical ways I follow.

Here's what I do when my salary is credited to my account.

1. Budgeting

In my previous post Learn the Right Formula to Save, I discussed about the 70-20-10. I budget 10% as my tithe, 20% for  my savings and investments, and 70% for all my expenditures. Here's the sample format I use:

For my 70% expenses, you can notice that the Food, Fare and Miscellaneous are formatted to be aligned to the right portion.It lets me identify that I am budgeting for my Allowance Expense but it is broken down to three items: Food, Fare and Miscellaneous. I put miscellaneous under allowance in case I have "unexpected" expenditures (team lunch out, food trips with food and travel bloggers Metro Street Bites and Geejay Travel Log, and sudden meetups with friends).

2. Divide your Cash and Label.

It will help if you don't put all your cash in your atm because it becomes easy for you to withdraw cash anytime. Leave only the amount you will use for your allowance and withdraw all the amount that you will use to pay for rent, utilities, credit cards, tithes and investments. This helps you avoid spending the money intended for your other expenditures. For my stock investment, I immediately transfer it through online banking and deposit it to my COL Financial (previously known as Citiseconline) account to ensure that I follow my 20% budget for stocks and investments. Know more about stock investment for newbies here.

Divide your cash, label them and put them in an envelope (or anywhere safe from your easily tempted hands).

3. Strictly Follow Your Budget.

I know it could be tempting sometimes to spend all your money whenever you have something you can pull out of your pocket. But strictly following your budget has a lot of benefits and rewards. Few of these benefits are:
a. Being debt free (No Overspending means no borrowing of money)
b. Having savings and investments. (Grow your money. See how I do it here)
c. Developing the habit of managing your finances (A habit not all of us have)
d. Avoiding unnecessary expenses (Since you don't have budget for this)

Some say "I will save up when I have extra money". Others say "I will just do it next year". I say "Save now".
Why? Because if you can't save money with your current status, even if you have salary increase, you won't have "extra money". Your expenses will go up as your salary goes up. And, if you can't start saving today, you won't be able to start saving in the next few weeks, months or years because developing a habit isn't done overnight. Motivate yourself and strictly follow your budget. Then, time will come you will reap your rewards.

Happy Saving!

Hope this post helps. Please feel free to leave your comments.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Philippine Stock Market for Non-Filipinos - Apply in CitisecOnline

Good news to our Non-Filipino friends.

Application in an online broker to participate in Philippine Stock Market is possible!

You can open your account in CitisecOnline (now known as COL Financial), an online stock broker ranked by the Philippine Stock Exchange in 2008 for the highest trade transaction volume in the industry. They have more than 30,000 customers and Php15 Billion in customer equity. 

With Citiseconline, you can now invest in Philippine Stock Market by buying and selling stocks. Just open an account and you can start buying and selling shares of different companies.

Just follow the simple steps below:
      1.      Download and print ALL the forms from this site:
      2.      Fill out all the forms with information needed.
      Take note of the following fields in the form:
a.                          Email Address - very important as they will send your credentials here. (By credentials, I mean your account number and log-in details to access your account in CitisecOnline system). 
b.                         Customer Bank Account Details - this should be a Philippine Bank Account. Your withdrawals from CitisecOnline will be deposited here. To secure a Philippine Bank Account, apply for peso account in the following Banks:
                                                              i.      Metrobank -
                                                            ii.      Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) -
                                                          iii.      Banco de Oro (BDO) -

     3.      Send the form through courier with  the following:
a.                          Photocopy of Public Utility Bill, Credit Card Statement or Bank Statement stating your name and present address (3 months at the latest)
b.                         Proof of Income certified by Employer
c.                          Identity Documents authenticated by Philippine Embassy or Consulate. (This can be a photocopy of your pasport)

Send to: 
COL Financial Group, Inc.
2403-B East Tower, PSE Centre
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City, Philippines 1605

     4.       Fund your account.
      Once you received your account number details through your email address, you can fund your account    through Overseas Remittance via Banco de Oro. Click here for instructions. If you are following Easy Investment Plan (EIP), you can start with 5,000.00 Philippine peso. EIP is more advisable for starters. If you are an active trader, fund 25,000 Philippine peso.

       Information given here is either taken from or directly inquired from COL Financial’s office.

        When you're done with the above steps, I recommend you to join Truly Rich Club. They send suggestions on what stocks are best to buy, when you should buy and when you should sell. They give reviews of the suggested stocks to invest. This will aid you on your venture in Philippine Stock Market. I started investing in Stock Market 2 years ago and Truly Rich Club has been a great part of my venture in the market. They made me more equipped and more confident in investing. And I believe it will be helpful for you too as you start your investment.

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