Friday, February 22, 2013

Philippine Stock Market for Non-Filipinos - Apply in CitisecOnline

Good news to our Non-Filipino friends.

Application in an online broker to participate in Philippine Stock Market is possible!

You can open your account in CitisecOnline (now known as COL Financial), an online stock broker ranked by the Philippine Stock Exchange in 2008 for the highest trade transaction volume in the industry. They have more than 30,000 customers and Php15 Billion in customer equity. 

With Citiseconline, you can now invest in Philippine Stock Market by buying and selling stocks. Just open an account and you can start buying and selling shares of different companies.

Just follow the simple steps below:
      1.      Download and print ALL the forms from this site:
      2.      Fill out all the forms with information needed.
      Take note of the following fields in the form:
a.                          Email Address - very important as they will send your credentials here. (By credentials, I mean your account number and log-in details to access your account in CitisecOnline system). 
b.                         Customer Bank Account Details - this should be a Philippine Bank Account. Your withdrawals from CitisecOnline will be deposited here. To secure a Philippine Bank Account, apply for peso account in the following Banks:
                                                              i.      Metrobank -
                                                            ii.      Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) -
                                                          iii.      Banco de Oro (BDO) -

     3.      Send the form through courier with  the following:
a.                          Photocopy of Public Utility Bill, Credit Card Statement or Bank Statement stating your name and present address (3 months at the latest)
b.                         Proof of Income certified by Employer
c.                          Identity Documents authenticated by Philippine Embassy or Consulate. (This can be a photocopy of your pasport)

Send to: 
COL Financial Group, Inc.
2403-B East Tower, PSE Centre
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City, Philippines 1605

     4.       Fund your account.
      Once you received your account number details through your email address, you can fund your account    through Overseas Remittance via Banco de Oro. Click here for instructions. If you are following Easy Investment Plan (EIP), you can start with 5,000.00 Philippine peso. EIP is more advisable for starters. If you are an active trader, fund 25,000 Philippine peso.

       Information given here is either taken from or directly inquired from COL Financial’s office.

        When you're done with the above steps, I recommend you to join Truly Rich Club. They send suggestions on what stocks are best to buy, when you should buy and when you should sell. They give reviews of the suggested stocks to invest. This will aid you on your venture in Philippine Stock Market. I started investing in Stock Market 2 years ago and Truly Rich Club has been a great part of my venture in the market. They made me more equipped and more confident in investing. And I believe it will be helpful for you too as you start your investment.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

How I Earn in Philippine Stock Market
Previous Post:  My First Two Years Investing in Philippine Stock Market

Wanna know my secret for two years I've been investing in Stock Market? I am following 3 strategies and I am unveiling them today. Well, this is your lucky day! hehe. You are about to discover my 3 secret schemes. Here they are:

Secret # 1. Buy when it's "low" and sell when it's "high"

This is the main strategy I am following. By low, I mean the "Buy Below Price" and by high I mean the "Target Price" that Bro Bo Sanchez declares in his Stock Updates for Truly Rich Club Members .

Let me give you an example.
Last April 2012, I started buying stocks from Megaworld Corporation (MEG) as suggested in the Club. Each time I have available funds in my Citiseconline Account (my online broker), I divide them into fractions. For 3 months, I put money in MEG and left it until it hit the "Target Price". Last January 2013, the amount per stock reached the target price and I sold all the stocks I bought. If you have joined Truly Rich Club and followed the suggestion of Bo Sanchez, this is what you might have gotten in 9 months.

a. Buying Date - The date the stock is bought
b. Buying Price - The price of each stock on the date it was bought
c. Selling Date - The date the stock is sold
d. Selling Price - The price of each stock on the date it was sold
e. Earnings - Total Earnings per stock

From the Stock Bought in April 2012 for Php 1.95 that was sold for a price of Php 3.20 each, the total earnings per share is Php 1.25. Same explanation goes to the stocks bought in May and August 2012, respectively. All are bought and sold at equal number of shares so the total earnings per share is Php 3.48 which is 56.31% of Php 6.18. This looks small since we are talking about earnings per share but imagine if you have 6000 shares with this breakdown: ( 1.25 * 2000) + (1.23 * 2000) + (1 * 2000). You get a profit of Php 20,880. Now it is big.

Secret # 2. Have Multiple Stock Investments

I've mentioned above that I am dividing my funds into fractions. A fraction went to MEG but on those months that I'm not investing in MEG (You'll notice in the table above that there's a gap before the selling date), I have invested in some other stocks. This is because I've learnt from the articles I received (again from Truly Rich Club) that I should not invest in just one company. It provides security that whatever happens to one of your invested stocks, you have few more to compensate for it.

Secret # 3. Reinvest Your Earnings

Ever since I started investing, I never withdraw even a small amount. This is because I would like to save up for my retirement days. I am getting ready on that day when I can no longer work for myself and for my family. No monthly earnings but I have daily and monthly expenses to take care of. I know that it will be tough to save a big amount of money years or months before that day so I'm saving up small portions of what I have now, invest them and reinvest the earnings.

By January, I have available funds from selling out MEG. Bo Sanchez sent a "BUY Alert" for Alliance Global Group, Inc (AGI). Since one of my strategies is reinvesting, I put my funds here buying the stock for an average of Php 17.60 per share. February came and in less than a month, it hit the target price and I sold it for an average of Php 20.6 per share. It was a 17.07% profit again.

As a newbie, it is really challenging to earn from stock market if you don't have proper guidance and discipline. You will not know when is "low" and when is "high". It's hard to identify what other stocks to invest in since it will be more secured if you have multiple stock investment. Lastly it's tough maintaining the discipline of reinvesting your  profits most especially when there's a promo or sale in malls. But I am thankful with how Truly Rich Club takes care of all these worries by guiding me and reminding me of the do's and don'ts in my 2 years of investing.

P.S. If you are interested to get Bo Sanchez's free e-book "My Maid Invests in Stock Market.. And Why You Should Too." just click this link and indicate your email address where the book can be sent:

This is the book that introduced me to the world of Stock Market. Plain english, no jargons and no mind-twisting graphs. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My First Two Years Investing in Philippine Stock Market

Last Dec 2012 was my 2nd Anniversary with COL Financial (previously known as CitisecOnline). I am very satisfied with the outcome of my 2 years with investing in Philippine Stock Market so I thought of sharing those days when I started with just Php 5,000.00.

I am a fan of Bo Sanchez. I heard a lot of stories about him. I attended “The Feast”, bought books he wrote and read the story of his life. One time, I knew about his club called “Truly Rich Club”. It was in the Club’s website that I was able to download his free e-book “My Maid Invests in Stock Market.. And Why You Should Too." This opened my eye to a new world, a world I never dreamed of entering: the Philippine Stock Market.

When I was in College, my friend talked about his professor investing in Stock Market. As she was enthusiastically telling me that her professor invites them to invest their small amount of money, I disregard the thought of putting my savings there (if I have any). Just imagining those graphs makes me afraid. I thought it was too risky because Stock Market is something I am not familiar with. But when Bo introduced CitisecOnline, I never thought I would be able to join with a small amount (because I was thinking it would cost me millions). So I told myself, I will definitely try it when it’s still a small amount to risk.

I opened an account in CitisecOnline

With no idea how stock market works, I went to Philippine Stock Exchange Building in Ortigas, filled out my form in CitisecOnline, applied for Easy Investment Program (EIP) and deposited Php 5,000.00. (Click on the choices if you are interested to open an account: Have time to go to their office or Want to send forms to through Courier).

My First Purchase Order

So excited when my account got activated, I bought 2 stocks: RFM and SMPH. Bo mentioned that you should buy a stock that you know. I know SMPH but since it is Christmas season at that time, I thought of buying RFM because they might have large sales for their products like pasta and sauces. That’s how clueless I am as to what I should buy and letting my own analysis do the decision making. It was really tough not knowing what and when you should buy. By March, I decided to join the Truly Rich Club because I know it would be hard to do it on my own. I need guidance.

Officially A Truly Rich Club Member

Part of what the Club gives when you join is an article called “Stocks Update”. In this Article, you can see the suggested stocks to buy, the “Buy Below Price” and the “Target Price”. When the price of the stocks suggested is lesser than or equal to the “Buy Below Price”, you can buy the stocks. When the value of the stock is within the “Buy Below Price” and the “Target Price”, you wait and when it hits the “Target Price” (or a few cents near it), you sell. It was a lot better when I joined the club. I had a clear vision of what to buy and the proper timing of putting the buy and sell orders. The Stocks Update is like a traffic light for me, it tells me when to stop, when to wait and when to go.

The First Stock Sold

When I saw the list of suggested stocks, SMPH is included but RFM is not. So I decided to sell RFM even with 2% loss disregarding the dividends I received from the company. First Stock bought, first stock sold, first loss. Not a good start huh? But I was convinced to do it because in the future, I might lose a bigger amount if I don’t sell it right away. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t have much idea about RFM and I don’t know whom to ask when to sell it.

My Earnings In Two Years

With Truly Rich Club’s help, my portfolio grew to more than twice my monthly salary now. By the end of the year, I am targeting to have it 4 times my monthly salary (meaning doubling what I have now). I’m really excited about it and I am very thankful to Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club. It has been blessing me ever since I started joining. So if you are also starting your investment in Philippine Stock Market, I invite you to join the Club. You’ll learn a lot plus you are helping Bo Sanchez to support his missions like Anawim.


If you have questions, please use the comment section below, however, we advise not to put your e-mail addresses for your own security.

Please use the "Contact Me" form to contact me through email. Thank you!


1. Dividends - According to Investopedia, it is a distribution of a portion of a company's earnings, decided by the board of directors, to a class of its shareholders.

Read more:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Outside Manila? Open An Account in CitisecOnline

Not in Manila, Philippines?

Good news! You can also participate in Philippine Stock Market even if you are outside the country or living far from PSE Building at Ortigas Centre.

From my previous post, Start Investing in Stock Market With COL Financial, I only tackled how you can open an account when you’re here in the Philippines (actually when you are in Manila area because I mentioned that you have to go to CisitisecOnline Office).  Since I have friends who also work abroad, I inquired in CitisecOnline/COL Financial how they can open an account even when they are not living in Manila area.

So here are the steps:

      1.      Download and print ALL the forms from this site: 


    2.      Choose from the group you belong

a.       I am Filipino living within the Philippines but far from PSE Building at Ortigas.

Step1. Fill out all the forms with information needed.

Note: Email Address is important as they will send your credentials here. (By credentials, I mean your account number and log-in details to access your account in CitisecOnline system). Local Bank Account is needed because your withdrawals from CitisecOnline will be deposited here.

Step2. Send the form through courier with photocopy of government-issued ID (e.g. driver's license, SSS ID, voter's ID) and billing statement (credit card, utility bills) with name, address and date indicated 


COL Fincial Group, Inc.
2403-B East Tower, PSE Centre
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City, Philippines 1605

Step3. Once you received your account number details (through your email address), you can fund your accounts through the following:

i. Online Payments with:
  • Bankof the Philippine Island (BPI)
(taken directly from

Enrollment Process:

1. Log on to
2. Enter your username and password 
3. Under Payments & Reloading, click Bills Payments, click Enroll all other Bills 
4. Enter your BPI account number and Joint Account Indicator No. 
5. Under Bill information, select COL FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. as the enrollee merchant 
6. Enter your COLFinancial account number (8-digit code username) 
on the space under Reference Number 
7. Click Submit

Payment Process:
1. Under Payments & Reloading, click Bills Payment, click Pay Bills Today 
2. Under Pay, choose your COLFinancial Account 
3. Enter the amount 
4. Choose a BPI account from where payment will come from 
5. Click Submit

* You should receive a confirmation email from BPI if payment was successful
  • Banco de Oro (BDO)

(taken directly from

Enrollment & Payment Process:
1. Log on to at
2. Click the Add Company/Biller icon
3. Fill-out the Enrollment Details and choose the Channels or 
electronic banking services where you may want to pay your bills in the future. 
4. Click Submit. 
5. Click OK when the confirmation dialogue box appears 
6. Click the Pay Bills icon
7. Fill-out the Payment Details, choose your Payment Schedule, click Submit
8. Click OK when the confirmation dialogue box appears 

* You should receive a confirmation email from BDO if payment was successful.

  • Metrobank
(taken directly from

No enrollment needed.

Payment Process:
1. Login to 
2. Under eBanking Solutions, click Pay Bills 
3. Under Special bill, select COL FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. 
4. Enter your COL account number under Subscriber/Account Number 
5. Enter your Phone No. 
6. Choose the Metrobank account from which the payment will come from 
7. Enter the amount 
8. Select Immediate Payment
* You should receive a confirmation email from Metrobank if payment was successful.

ii. Over-the-counter bills payment
  • Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI)
  • Banco de Oro (BDO)
  • Metrobank  
b.      I am a Filipino working abroad

Follow Steps 1 to 2 above.

For Step 3:

Pay through Overseas Remittance via Banco de Oro.

Instructions directly taken from COL Financial site.

Information given here is either taken from or directly inquired from COL Financial’s office.

Again, I recommend you join Truly Rich Club even before you receive your credentials because they send suggestions on what stocks are best to buy, when you should buy and when you should sell. They guide you and feed you with knowledge and proper mindset while investing in Stock Market. Plus, there are more surprises. :)

Join the Truly Rich Club

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Learn the Right Formula to Save.

How long have you been working? How much have you saved then? Do you even think of saving? Do you realize that if you save 1000 every month, you will have 12,000 in a year, 60,000 in 5 years and 120,000 in 10 years?


Oh my, I am in my 20s when I was thinking of those things. I also thought of the time when I am no longer capable to work. I have to retire. When I retire, I don't earn monthly salaries anymore. With no money, how can I buy food, clothes, medicine, and other necessities? I don't want to be a burden to my family.

This reality hit me and I'm glad it hit me hard because it made me realized that I have to save money as early as now, while I still have a fit body and mind to work.

I might not be the only one thinking about these things. So now, I’m thankful for Bo Sanchez's book, “My Maid Invests in Stock Market… and Why You Should Too” (Download The Book Here), I have something to share with you regarding saving.

Discovery of the “Saving” Formula

Is this formula familiar to you?
Salary - Expenses = Savings

I believe most of us followed this or follow this, still. This means that your SAVINGS will be derived from what’s left in your salary after deducting all your bills and other expenses.

What's wrong with the above formula? Well, if you are planning to secure your savings every month, then there’s something wrong with this formula. There's a possibility that all your salary will be spent to your expenses and as a result, you will have NOTHING to save.

Let’s compare the formula above with this one,

Salary – Tithes – Savings = Expenses

This formula means that when you get your Salary, you immediately deduct your savings and tithes (give it to the Church that nourishes you). You live by the remaining amount for your expenses and you have a sure amount for your savings. Isn’t that great?

70-20-10 Rule

Now the question is “How much will be allotted for tithes, savings and expenses?” That’s what the 70-20-10 stands for. According to the Bible, we should give 10% for our tithing (that’s a minimum, not really restricted to 10% only). For the savings, 20% is a good number and the 70% remaining is what you use for your everyday expenses (until that next salary payout). In this manner, you are able to save 20% of your salary each month.

Benefits of 70-20-10 Rule

This formula seems simple. At times it can be tough to follow, however, following this entails a lot of benefits. Based from my experience, here they are:

1. I've learned to manage my daily expenditures.

Strictly living by my 70% budget for expenses, I knew how to differentiate what’s a necessity and   what’s not.

2. I become more disciplined.

Even if I wanted to go to malls because of sales and promos, when I think I have 70% only to spend I disregard the thought.

      3. I have savings I never thought I would have in my 20s.

After 2 years of faithfully setting aside 20% of my monthly salary, and investing it in Stocks with Bo Sanchez’s guidance in Truly Rich Club, my savings grew to almost 55%. (Know more about the Club or Join the club here) I didn't imagine that this is the result of maintaining the 70-20-10 formula.

      4. I am now able to give 10% tithes.

This is something I am happily giving. It gives me a sense of fulfillment that I am able to give back to God a portion of what He has given me.

The 70-20-10 rule taught me a lot in facing my financial challenges. It taught me not to worry but instead to act. When budget gets tight, adjust (no gimmicks for the time being, avoid buying expensive clothes, and take my eyes off from those cool gadgets. Hehe) I am positive I will succeed in my financial aspects if I continue this discipline. 70-20-10 is my “Saving” formula. And I hope, it will be your "Saving" Formula too.

Let's all prosper!

Want to join Truly Rich Club and be truly rich?