Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Outside Manila? Open An Account in CitisecOnline

Not in Manila, Philippines?

Good news! You can also participate in Philippine Stock Market even if you are outside the country or living far from PSE Building at Ortigas Centre.

From my previous post, Start Investing in Stock Market With COL Financial, I only tackled how you can open an account when you’re here in the Philippines (actually when you are in Manila area because I mentioned that you have to go to CisitisecOnline Office).  Since I have friends who also work abroad, I inquired in CitisecOnline/COL Financial how they can open an account even when they are not living in Manila area.

So here are the steps:

      1.      Download and print ALL the forms from this site: 


    2.      Choose from the group you belong

a.       I am Filipino living within the Philippines but far from PSE Building at Ortigas.

Step1. Fill out all the forms with information needed.

Note: Email Address is important as they will send your credentials here. (By credentials, I mean your account number and log-in details to access your account in CitisecOnline system). Local Bank Account is needed because your withdrawals from CitisecOnline will be deposited here.

Step2. Send the form through courier with photocopy of government-issued ID (e.g. driver's license, SSS ID, voter's ID) and billing statement (credit card, utility bills) with name, address and date indicated 


COL Fincial Group, Inc.
2403-B East Tower, PSE Centre
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City, Philippines 1605

Step3. Once you received your account number details (through your email address), you can fund your accounts through the following:

i. Online Payments with:
  • Bankof the Philippine Island (BPI)
(taken directly from https://www.colfinancial.com/ape/Final2/home/pdfs/fund-online-bpi.pdf)

Enrollment Process:

1. Log on to www.bpiexpressonline.com
2. Enter your username and password 
3. Under Payments & Reloading, click Bills Payments, click Enroll all other Bills 
4. Enter your BPI account number and Joint Account Indicator No. 
5. Under Bill information, select COL FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. as the enrollee merchant 
6. Enter your COLFinancial account number (8-digit code username) 
on the space under Reference Number 
7. Click Submit

Payment Process:
1. Under Payments & Reloading, click Bills Payment, click Pay Bills Today 
2. Under Pay, choose your COLFinancial Account 
3. Enter the amount 
4. Choose a BPI account from where payment will come from 
5. Click Submit

* You should receive a confirmation email from BPI if payment was successful
  • Banco de Oro (BDO)

(taken directly from https://www.colfinancial.com/ape/Final2/home/pdfs/fund-online-bdo.pdf)

Enrollment & Payment Process:
1. Log on to at https://www.mybdo.com.ph
2. Click the Add Company/Biller icon
3. Fill-out the Enrollment Details and choose the Channels or 
electronic banking services where you may want to pay your bills in the future. 
4. Click Submit. 
5. Click OK when the confirmation dialogue box appears 
6. Click the Pay Bills icon
7. Fill-out the Payment Details, choose your Payment Schedule, click Submit
8. Click OK when the confirmation dialogue box appears 

* You should receive a confirmation email from BDO if payment was successful.

  • Metrobank
(taken directly from https://www.colfinancial.com/ape/Final2/home/pdfs/fund-online-mbt.pdf)

No enrollment needed.

Payment Process:
1. Login to www.metrobank.com.ph 
2. Under eBanking Solutions, click Pay Bills 
3. Under Special bill, select COL FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. 
4. Enter your COL account number under Subscriber/Account Number 
5. Enter your Phone No. 
6. Choose the Metrobank account from which the payment will come from 
7. Enter the amount 
8. Select Immediate Payment
* You should receive a confirmation email from Metrobank if payment was successful.

ii. Over-the-counter bills payment
  • Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI)
  • Banco de Oro (BDO)
  • Metrobank  
b.      I am a Filipino working abroad

Follow Steps 1 to 2 above.

For Step 3:

Pay through Overseas Remittance via Banco de Oro.

Instructions directly taken from COL Financial site.

Information given here is either taken from www.colfinancial.com or directly inquired from COL Financial’s office.

Again, I recommend you join Truly Rich Club even before you receive your credentials because they send suggestions on what stocks are best to buy, when you should buy and when you should sell. They guide you and feed you with knowledge and proper mindset while investing in Stock Market. Plus, there are more surprises. :)

Join the Truly Rich Clubhttps://www.colfinancial.com/ape/Final2/home/pdfs/col_all_personal_forms.pdfhttps://www.colfinancial.com/ape/Final2/home/pdfs/col_all_personal_forms.pdf

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