Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Six-Pack Feature

If Six-pack is desirable for summer, that desirable feature can also be found in COL Financial's System. Only, it is not something that you can find in a human's body.

This is what it looks like.

The Six-Pack

Six-Pack is compose of six small boxes that shows the current status of 6 stocks in one window. You can find this feature if you go to Quotes > Six-Pack.

Locate Six-Pack in COL Financial System

Benefits of Six-Pack

Whether you are buying or selling stocks, you do want to get the best deal in every transaction. Six-pack helps you with this goal by keeping you updated with the prices of each stock. It is mostly beneficial to those investors keeping an eye to multiple stocks.

In my case, it helps me monitor all the stocks included in our Truly Rich Club Stock List. That includes the stock codes seen in the image above: Manila Electric Company (MER), BDO Unibank, Inc. (BDO), Metro Pacific Investments Corp (MPI), First Prime Holdings (FPH), SM Prime Holdings (SMPH), Metropolitan Bank & Trust Com. (MBT). If I have extra cash in my account and I am having difficulty choosing among those great companies given by Truly Rich Club (TRC), I use this feature. It aids me to see what stock is still in the Buy Below Price so I could gain the maximum profit when it hit the Target Price. Buy Below Price and Target Price are terms we use in Truly Rich Club. The club gives us the suggested list of stocks based on their researches and provides us with prices that tells when we can still buy (Buy Below Price) or what price is it best to sell (Target Price). Six-pack feature plus TRC's suggested stocks and price list make my investing much easier.

Click on the link below to know more about the Club and get your free e-book "My Maid Invests in Stock Market and Why You Should Too".


God bless on your investment and may this feature help you.

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