Monday, April 8, 2013

About SMPH, SMDC and SM Land Consolidation

Last February 20, I received this news about the suggested consolidation of 3 companies. Those are SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SMPH), SM Development Corp. (SMDC), SM Land.

Just last month there were news in COL Financial, my online stock market broker, that the consolidation is bound to be finalized this year according to Henry Sy. Here's a snapshot of the news taken from my online broker's related news on SMPH.

SMPH is one of the stocks suggested by Truly Rich Club to be bought in the stock market. It was placed on an on-hold status and the merging might apparently be the reason why Truly Rich Club suggested to wait for their go signal if we can buy this good company again or we should start selling our stocks.

What happens when SMPH, SMDC and SM Land gets consolidated?

As per the news, once the three companies are consolidated only one will be left and the others will be delisted. So what happens when stocks get delisted? It no longer trades in the exchange and therefore the impact of this one is that stockholders won't have much access to the delisted stocks resulting to a drop off in liquidity and trading volume according to Investopedia.

For now, we in the Truly Rich Club (TRC) are still waiting for the regular Stock Update newsletter they send. One good feature that the club offers now is the facebook-like site that lets you communicate with other members. Since Mike Vinas, the Corporate Accounts Officer and Relationship Manager of COL Financial, is also a member of TRC I was able to ask him a question about the said delisting. Here's our conversation from TRC's social networking site.

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  1. Happy investing pinoy and congratulations because we reached the 7100 mark today.

    More Success and Happy Investing,
    Red @ Truly Rich Club Review

    1. Hi Red. Thanks for viewing! Happy investing. :)

  2. Good read. Still holding to SMPH for long term :) Btw, you might want to be a guest author at, I'm using blogger too. Let me know :)

    1. Hi Manny. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.
      I think your invitation is great. Let me know how we can proceed with that.
      No update yet from our club as to whether we should sell or not. Hoping to hear from them soon. :)

  3. so what will happen if I failed to sell my SMDC shares after the tender offer?

    1. As per my response to the other readers who asked this, you will still be owning the shares however you won't be able to trade that in the market. You will have to coordinate directly with SMDC regarding the shares you hold.

      I am not yet sure if there's a possibility that you can still sell your shares to SMDC. But I am consulting this to a stock market expert in Truly Rich Club. I will let you know once I have news.

      Same as what I told other readers, you might want to consider joining Truly Rich Club. They send updates as to what stocks are good to invest in and they inform you if there's a need to sell.

      If you are interested, just go to this site to get a free e-book from Bo Sanchez and to know the other benefits you can get when you join the club.

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