Saturday, May 25, 2013

Metrobank Stock Dividend Approved by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Last April 4, I wrote about a cash dividend given by Metrobank (MBT is the stock code in Philippine Stock Market). Post on MBT Cash Dividend.

Now we have a news from my online broker COL Financial that the stock dividend to be given by MBT is now approved. Here are some of the details:

Metrobank has been in my portfolio for more than a year. I started accumulating shares from this very good company since 2012. So far, it has given me a satisfactory "projected" profit not adding the dividend that I got. I used the term "projected" since I haven't sold my stocks yet so technically, it is not yet added in my balance. To materialize my profit, I have to sell but I am still waiting for the right time to do that. By right time I mean hitting the Target Price that Truly Rich Club has suggested based on their researches. I trust them a lot when it comes to Stock Market stuff.

 As of last Friday's trading, my investment in MBT has the highest gain beating my First Philippine Holdings (FPH) investment which has the highest percentage in my portfolio. It almost reached the target price but resilience has been very much strong that it pulled the price back again to Php 133.70.

Check out my blog every now and then for announcements on the Ex-Date and when the dividends will be credited to your account.

Here's a snapshot of my portfolio comparing FPH and MBT gains:

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Monday, May 20, 2013

How To Fund Account in Citiseconline or COL Financial

Stock Market Cash Balance not enough?

Here's how you can fund your Citiseconline or COL Financial Bucket for you to be able to buy more shares on your stocks:

1. Bank transaction

    During the first months, I do bank transaction with Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) to fund my account. I choose "Payment" transaction NOT deposit then put my name and my COL Financial account number in the account I should pay for. Of course, amount will be asked.
    They also accept payment transactions for COL Financial accounts in Metrobank and BDO. I haven't tried it yet in Metrobank and BDO but most likely it will be the same with BPI where you do payment transaction and pay to your COL Financial's trading account.
    Lastly, no extra charges for your transactions. :)

2. Online Banking

     Since I've been funding my account regularly, I have to go to the bank twice a month. Good thing we have a very powerful tool called the "Internet" which help me achieve things with just a few clicks.
     As I have mentioned above, I do transaction with BPI so what I can share with you is how you can fund your account through BPI Express Online.
     First, make sure that you register your BPI Account in Once you can access BPI Express Online with your registered account, go to BPI Bank and ask the teller for a form to add your COL Financial trading account in your online account. Fill out the form. As much as we wanted to add your COL Financial account in the system without going to the bank, this is the fastest way to get your account added. You don't have to fax or call their service hotline. After 24-48 hours, you can see your COL Financial account in the list of accounts you can pay online through BPI.
     I know it's a bit tiring to go to bank and fill out forms but it will be just one time. You'll realize that you are saving time and energy if you are going to fund your account online. Online banking became beneficial for me as I can do my transaction without going out of the office.
     Once you have made your payment transaction, wait for 24 hours max to see your additional fund reflected in your stock market cash balance.
      Again,in Metrobank & BDO, it might be same procedure.

After transacting your deposit to your COL Financial or Citiseconline account, wait for 24 hours before it gets reflected.

TIP: Based from my experience, there are times that my deposit gets reflected within the day ( most likely in the afternoon just within the stock market trading hours). This happens when I do my online banking transaction early in the morning. So if you are trying to add funds in your stock market  account to buy additional stocks within the dat, make sure to make your funding transaction early in the morning - 10am at the latest.

That's all for now.
Happy Investing!

Monday, May 13, 2013

When Market Gets Bullish, How Do You Know Which Stocks To Buy?

These past few days including today, my portfolio has gone up like crazy.
There was a time that I had almost 3.57% day change. This means that compared from the previous day’s market value of my stocks, it increased to 3.57% the next day. My eyes get bigger with the positive gain each day. I was able to sell one of my stocks as it already hit the target price suggested by Truly Rich Club.
At first, I liked how the Philippine Stock Market is doing. All the prices are suddenly going up but when I sold my stocks that hit the target price and I have available fund to buy stock, I have one dilemma – I am left with few stocks to choose from.
With the current bullish performance of the Philippine Stock Market it’s really hard to determine which stocks to buy. Prices seem so high that our choices are narrowed down. For starters in the stock market, it would really be good to find something that can guide you as to what stocks to buy at this bullish time in the stock market.
As for me, I am happy that last night I received a Stock Alert Bro. Bo Sachez sent to the Truly Rich Club members. We are given list of few stocks again, which based on their research and consultation from stock market experts are stocks that are still good to invest in, meaning we’ll still have profit. For starters, I know it’s good to experiment and do your own researches but as based from my experience, it’s better that you have a guide especially in this bullish period of the stock market.
I know some stock market newbies who relied on their own knowledge and failed to attain a satisfactory profit. Worst, some of them lost almost half of what they invested. Some of these people are my acquaintances and friends, that’s why I felt responsible to share my experiences in two years of following Truly Rich Club stock suggestion.
If you are investing in stock market and would like to be guided on what stocks to buy, what price to buy or sell and why we should buy or sell a specific stock, I encourage you to join Truly Rich Club. It’s beneficial to have someone guide you as you start your venture in stock market. To know more about the club or to join, click on the link below.

Yes Cath, I want to know more about the Club!

That’s all for now. Happy Investing! J

Saturday, May 11, 2013

She Made 13% Gain in Stock Market for Two Months!

Yeap. That's right. 13% investment gain in two months is possible. Not in bank savings but in Stock Market.

My 23 year old sister invests in stock market now and I am really happy that she finally acted. It took a while before I convinced her. I had to show her my portfolio and share how much I had gained for 2 years of investing in Stock Market. Last February she opened an account in COL Financial, my online stock broker. (Click here if you want to invest in stock market too and see the steps to follow.)
And just by following the steps of her elder sister (that’s me!), she invested in the stocks that Truly Rich Club suggested. As I have been mentioning over and over again, Truly Rich Club really had a big part in what I have gained in Stock Market.
So back to my sister’s portfolio, here’s a screenshot of how much she already gained within less than 3 months:

So far, she gained a total of 13% of her overall investment. Not bad huh?! You can’t even get 5% in a normal savings account so I conclude that 13% is a big gain for barely 3 months’ time. As much as I wanted her to treat us, I don’t want to ask because I told her that she should save that for her retirement. Compounding is really a big factor to attaining a higher gain so withdrawing her earnings might cause her to lose a potential "million" in the future. :)
As for my case, my portfolio has grown a lot as well and with the performance of Philippine’s economy I am able to feel and share the success of our economy. Hope you’ll experience the same.
Happy Investing!

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