Monday, May 13, 2013

When Market Gets Bullish, How Do You Know Which Stocks To Buy?

These past few days including today, my portfolio has gone up like crazy.
There was a time that I had almost 3.57% day change. This means that compared from the previous day’s market value of my stocks, it increased to 3.57% the next day. My eyes get bigger with the positive gain each day. I was able to sell one of my stocks as it already hit the target price suggested by Truly Rich Club.
At first, I liked how the Philippine Stock Market is doing. All the prices are suddenly going up but when I sold my stocks that hit the target price and I have available fund to buy stock, I have one dilemma – I am left with few stocks to choose from.
With the current bullish performance of the Philippine Stock Market it’s really hard to determine which stocks to buy. Prices seem so high that our choices are narrowed down. For starters in the stock market, it would really be good to find something that can guide you as to what stocks to buy at this bullish time in the stock market.
As for me, I am happy that last night I received a Stock Alert Bro. Bo Sachez sent to the Truly Rich Club members. We are given list of few stocks again, which based on their research and consultation from stock market experts are stocks that are still good to invest in, meaning we’ll still have profit. For starters, I know it’s good to experiment and do your own researches but as based from my experience, it’s better that you have a guide especially in this bullish period of the stock market.
I know some stock market newbies who relied on their own knowledge and failed to attain a satisfactory profit. Worst, some of them lost almost half of what they invested. Some of these people are my acquaintances and friends, that’s why I felt responsible to share my experiences in two years of following Truly Rich Club stock suggestion.
If you are investing in stock market and would like to be guided on what stocks to buy, what price to buy or sell and why we should buy or sell a specific stock, I encourage you to join Truly Rich Club. It’s beneficial to have someone guide you as you start your venture in stock market. To know more about the club or to join, click on the link below.

Yes Cath, I want to know more about the Club!

That’s all for now. Happy Investing! J

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