Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stock Favorite: D&L Industries, Inc. (DNL) in Philippine Stock Market

Since a new year has come, Pocketwise Pinoy will be having new blog posts entitled "Stock Favorite". This will feature the stocks I am investing in. Stock Favorite blog posts would include a background on the company's business, some details on its profile and my current action towards its shares (whether to buy, hold or sell).

To kickoff our Stock Favorite, we are featuring D&L Industries, Inc.

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D&L Industries, Inc

The Company has four principal business lines according to The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. ( These include food ingredients; colorants, additives, and engineered polymers for plastics; aerosol products; oleochemicals, resins and powder coating.

D & L Industries is a Filipino company that customizes and specializes products for the food, plastics, and aerosol industries. (

Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Aero-Pack Industries, Inc.; Chemrez Technologies, Inc.; D&L Polymer and Colours, Inc.; First in Colours, Incorporated; and Oleo-Fats Incorporated.

Stock Market Details

1. Stock Code: DNL

    To buy shares of D & L Industries Inc, just look for the stock code DNL.

2. Main Board Lot: 100 shares

    Board Lot identifies the minimum number of shares that can be bought. It also indicates the increment of share amount that is allowed. This means that an investor is only allowed to post a buy order for a minimum of 100 shares. If the investor has more funds, he or she can buy more than 100 shares with an increment of 100 shares as well. So this will be 200, 300, 400, and so on. The system will not allow the investor to put in 150 shares or 220 shares in the buy or sell order in the main board lot.

3. Fluctuation: 0.0100 Php

    Fluctuation indicates the buying or selling price to be in multiples of 0.01 pesos. The investor can post 6.5000, 6.5100 but not 6.5110.

4. Floor Price: 3.25 Php

    The floor price dictates the minimum amount that the buyer can put as a buying price or the seller in the selling price. The system does not allow the user to put amount lower than 3.25 Php.

5. Ceiling Price: 9.73 Php

  The ceiling price dictates the maximum amount that the buyer can put as a buying price or the seller in the selling price. The system does not allow the user to put amount higher than 9.73 Php.

6. Open to Foreigners: YES

  Foreign investors are allowed to purchase shares of DNL.

7. Action: BUY

  With the current price of DNL, it is still cheaper than the fair value. As a long term investor, this stock is still flagged to have a BUY rating.

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