Monday, March 17, 2014

Truly Rich Club: Gold Mastermind & Quick Start Implementation

I just registered in Truly Rich Club's Gold Mastermind!

The Gold Mastermind

This weekend I received a mail from TRC with regards to a new event they formulated to teach TRC members on how to create multiple income streams.

I am excited about this because there will be a chance to meet other TRC members, interact with them and get an exposure on various ways on how to increase my income.

Various income streams will be discussed in each Gold Mastermind Session:
  • Brick-and-mortar businesses
  • Online Stores
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Network MLM
  • Sales
  • Real Estate
  • Many, many more income streams
And of course, Stock Market Investing is included.

The learning investment is Php2000 per session but if you are a Truly Rich Club member, you will just have to pay Php 297.00 as a reservation fee for the club to know that those who register are serious in attending the event on March 30.

Quick Start Implementation

Apart from this Quarterly Mastermind, there is also an event for new TRC members. This is intended for those who still need further guidance on investing in stock market. If you are still hesitating and confused on how to start, I believe this is a beneficial event. If you feel that this session is for you, just click on the image below. Just make sure you are already a Truly Rich Club member before joining this event.

Reservation fee of Php 197.00 is asked for serious attendees.

See you in the exciting events of Truly Rich Club!

May Success Be To You,

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stock Favorite: Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (MBT) in Philippine Stock Market

As one of the companies I am investing in, Pocketwise Pinoy features Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company as part of our Stock Favorite. Popularly known as Metrobank, let's talk about the background of the company and some stock market details.

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company

Founded in 1962, Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (MBT) initially provided financial services to Filipino-Chinese community and eventually diversified its business to provide banking and collateral services to all sectors of the Philippine Economy. MBT was granted a universal banking license by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) on August 21, 1981 which allowed the company to operate business on automobile manufacturing, travel services, real estate, insurance, savings and retail banking and credit card services. (Source: COL Financial) 

Metrobank has also been steadily expanding internationally. In the late 1990s, Metrobank opened branches and offices in London, Taichung, Tokyo, and Seoul. Metrobank was the first to be granted a banking license by the Japanese Ministry of Finance.  It was also the first Philippine bank in Korea.   In 2001, Metrobank became the first Philippine bank in China when it opened its branch in Shanghai.   In 2010, Metrobank inaugurated its wholly-owned subsidiary, Metropolitan Bank (China) Limited, the first foreign bank headquarters to be established in Nanjing.  The new bank serves as the base for Metrobank’s operations in China, with three branches located in Nanjing and Shanghai. 
(Source: www.metrobank

Subsidiaries and Affiliates

First Metro Investment Corporation; Metropolitan Bank (China) Ltd.; Philippine Savings Bank; Metrobank Card Corporation; ORIX METRO Leasing and Finance Corporation; Metropolitan Bank (Bahamas) Limited; First Metro International Investment Company Limited; Metro Remittance (Hong Kong)Limited; Metro Remittance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.; Metro Remittance (USA), Inc.; MetroRemittance (Spain), S.A.; Metro Remittance (Italia), S.p.A..; Metro Remittance (UK)Limited; and Metro Remittance Center Inc.

Stock Market Details

1. Stock Code: MBT

    To buy shares of Metrobank, just look for the stock code MBT.

2. Main Board Lot: 10 shares

    Board Lot identifies the minimum number of shares that can be bought. It also indicates the increment of share amount that is allowed. This means that an investor is only allowed to post a buy order for a minimum of 10 shares. If the investor has more funds, he or she can buy more than 10 shares with an increment of 10 shares as well. So this will be 20, 30, 40, and so on. The system will not allow the investor to put in 15 shares or 22 shares in the buy or sell order in the main board lot.

3. Fluctuation: 0.0500 Php

    Fluctuation indicates the buying or selling price to be in multiples of 0.05 pesos. The investor can post 50.5000, 50.5500 but not 60.5100.

4. Floor Price: 40.15 Php

    The floor price dictates the minimum amount that the buyer can put as a buying price or the seller in the selling price. The system does not allow the user to put amount lower than 40.15 Php.

5. Ceiling Price: 120.4 Php

  The ceiling price dictates the maximum amount that the buyer can put as a buying price or the seller in the selling price. The system does not allow the user to put amount higher than 
120.4 Php.

6. Open to Foreigners: YES

  Foreign investors are allowed to purchase shares of MBT.

7. Action: BUY

  With the current price of MBT, it is still cheaper than the fair value. As a long term investor, this stock is still flagged to have a BUY rating as per COL Financial and Truly Rich Club.


Market Price History:


From the Market Price History table taken from COL Financial's site, MBT's value in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 were 33.71, 55.38, 52.27 and 78.46, respectively. It can be observed that as time passes, market price for MBT goes higher. Based from the past data, we are expecting that in this year, MBT's price will be higher. For long term investors, let's accumulate shares from this company while it's still in our BUY state!

So let's welcome our new addition to our Stock Favorite - MBT! Of course, we also would like to note that our recommended action for DNL has changed from Buy to Hold Ratings. Visit our updated table in the side bar for future updates.

For more guidance on what stocks to buy and when to buy or sell them, you can seek for assistance through Truly Rich Club. Know more about Truly Rich Club here >>> TRULY RICH CLUB.

May Success be to you,

Pocketwise Pinoy Author

Sunday, March 2, 2014

DNL’s Strong Performance in 4Q13

DNL earnings beat COL Financial and consensus forecasts of 104% and 109%, respectively. According to a news from, DNL’s profit rose by 127% to Php 360 million as compared to the same period last year. This added to the earning of the whole year 2013 which summed up to Php1.4Bil.

As per COL Financial, DNL’s strong earnings were due to their focus on the growth of its high margin business such as specialty fats and oil products.

Last month, Pocketwise Pinoy featured DNL as one of the stock favorites. We've given background of their business and some details of the company's profile.

We recommended buying shares of this company. If you bought shares last month, you might have at least 5% earning by now. 

Though DNL’s market price is rising, we as long-term investors would still want to buy this company. Since it closed to Php7.95/share last Friday, February 28, we can still have 14% profit as the fair value estimated by COL Financial is Php9.10/share. So let’s act now before it hits the fair value estimate!

Hasn't started your own investment yet? Check our Philippine Stock Market Guide for Starters and start building your wealth.

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