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Information Regarding Philippine Stock Market Investment

Readers' Questions and Author's Answers on Philippine Stock Market Investment.

I have been receiving a lot of emails and inquiries about Philippine Stock Market Investment. One of them might be a question you've been wanting to ask as well so for the benefit of our readers and visitors in this blog, here's a compilation of questions sent to me through email or other means:

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Question #1. For Php 5000.00 as initial deposit, can I invest this amount to 2 companies?


That's possible if the companies you will invest in require minimum amounts that will sum up to 5k or less. For example, you want to invest in Company A and Company B. Company A has a minimum purchase of 10 shares. Each share is equivalent to 100 pesos. Therefore you need 1000 pesos to purchase the minimum of 10 shares. If company B declares a minimum purchase of 100 shares and each share costs 35 pesos, you need to have 3500 to purchase the required minimum shares. Therefore, with 5000, you can purchase 10 shares of Company A and 100 shares of company B for 1000 + 3500 = 4500. Plus there are taxes for each buying transactions so you will spend 4500 plus for the investment for 2 companies. 

Question #2. I want to try this...
How can I learn the basics... And how can I join...
How much will it cost me at least..


The first step to participate in stock market is to acquire an account in COL Financial and then fund the account with the minimum amount of Php 5000.00. That amount can be used to purchase stocks already. For the list of stocks that are good to invest in, you can join the Truly Rich Club to get updates on what stocks to buy and when to buy or sell.

For the complete details of what needs to be done to secure an account in COL Financial and start investing in PH Stock market, please go through this guide:

Question #3. Joint account po yung gusto ko i open, need ba mag submit dun ang husband ko ng mga id's? Thank you


Both IDs of the primary and secondary account holder are needed. Please include photocopy of government issued IDs for submission through courier

Question #4. Ask ko lang kung pwede ako mag join kahit andito ako sa saudi?What if I will go back to philippines wala bang mgiging problem.


Pwede po. Since we have our online broker (which is COL Financial in my case), you can access your account via internet. You can post buy and sell orders through COL Financial's site.
When you go back to Philippines, wala ka din namang magiging problema. You still own your account. Yun yung maganda sa investment natin. You can access it anytime, anywhere (basta may internet).

That's all for now. Happy investing!

May Success Be To You,

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