Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Financial: Are you #Fit2BreakFree? The #BrighterLife with #SunLifeFinancial

Philippines will be celebrating its Independence Day on June 12.. Though our country is free from the colonial rule of Spain, are we sure that at present every Juan is free?

Juan's Past and Present Battles

Our history presents a series of battles...battle against the Spaniards, against the Japanese, and even against dictatorship. Today, we don't have the Spaniards to reign over the country, no Japanese to rule over us, no martial law to dictate what we should do. But I believe we still have one battle from the past that only few has won over. The battle for financial freedom.

Juan and His Finances

On June 5, I was invited in Sun Life's #Fit2BreakFree Event at the Prost Braumeister in Bonifacio Global City. Sun Life shared the result of the survey conducted by Social Weather Stations, a social research organization whom Sun Life partnered with.

From the 1200 respondents nationwide, ages 18 and above and from different status, a conclusion is made that 9 out of 10 Filipinos have experienced shortage in the past 12 months.

According to the respondents, the following are the causes of the shortage or kakapusan:
1. Rising prices of commodities
2. Earning Less
3. Unexpected expenses
4. Not able to plan well

And to cope up for the shortage, here are what the respondents do or will do:
1. They controlled or will control their spending
2. Look for additional sources of income
3. Borrow from relatives, friends/neighbors or money lenders or even sell or mortgage properties.

Sounds familiar? We might have tried or thought about at least one of the items above to cope up for our shortage in finances. The "Kapus" experience is prevalent to lower socio-economic classes as per the survey but the more surprising and interesting finding is that this "Kapus" experience prevails even those with higher income brackets.

Before, I thought that if I will have more money, I won't be experiencing shortage anymore. I guess that's not true all the time. It's not just having more and more money. It's also managing your resources.

What Should Juan Do?

Filipinos are very familiar of this saying.  "Kapag maikli ang kumot, matutong mamaluktot." I can't give the direct transalation to English but this just means that when a blacket is short, you have to curve your body to be fully covered by the short blanket.

We are proud that Filipinos are very patient, enduring and understading and we live by what we have. We act contented but the harsh truth is, since we are "kapus" and our blanket or budget is short, we set aside our own and our family's needs.

"So instead of adjusting to fit in the shorter blanket, isn't better if we have a bigger blanket?", the speaker in the #Fit2BreakFree event said. And I couldn't agree more on that. Our blanket might be short now, but let's work on creating or sewing a bigger one. That is what Juan should do.

Starting Steps Towards Financial Freedom

Together with Sun Life, let's make sure that June is not just a celebration of the Independence from the Spaniards but also a start of our independence from financial enslavement. In every battle, a soldier needs to be FIT so as we are fighting for our Financial Independence, we need to be F.I.T. Sunlife Financial introduces this "F.I.T." concept.

1. Be F.I.T.
                Attend any of the Financial Independence Trainings (F.I.T) if you need any personalized or customized solution for your needs.
2. More F.I.T.
                Schedule a Financially Independent Tomorrow (F.I.T.) Review with a Sun Life advisor
3. Get F.I.T.
                Take the online Financial Intelligence Test (F.I.T.) to know where you are in the Money Meter. Go to Facebook.com/SunLifePH to take the test.
4. Stay F.I.T.
                Check out videos, blog articles and more on SunLife's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (F.I.T.).

Sun Life Financial is very aggressive in spreading financial literacy to every Juan and to help them in this advocacy, they brought in a new member of the #BrighterLife Family. Sun Life's new digital ambassador is no other than #TeamKramer.

It was a great experience seeing this beautiful family and hearing from them their own saving and investing tips and how Doug and Cheska introduce money concepts to their kids. For generations, Sun Life has been a part of their family's life. From Cheska's parents down to her children, saving and investing is being practiced.

For me as a young professional, I started different forms of saving and investing from stock market to mutual funds. I thought that only at this point in my life that I can accumulate wealth by working. When I grow old, I won't be accepted in companies anymore. Therefore, I will have no source of income to supply for my needs. That's why as early as now, I save and invest. I started sewing my big blanket so when the rainy season comes, I can sleep tightly and relaxed knowing that I am well-covered.

There is still hope for Juan. Start investing and saving now. Talk to financial advisors and create the brighter future..the brighter life.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Stock Favorite: Metrobank MBT Cash Dividend Received

Harvest time has come for those who planted seeds of Metrobank (MBT) shares!

Last April, I created a blog post regarding the approval of the Board of Directors for MBT cash dividend. If you have acquired shares from that day up to May 1, 2014 (since May 2, 2014 is the ex-date), you are entitled on getting cash dividend of Php 1.00 for every share that you have until May 1, 2014. This cash dividend should be credited to your COL Financial account on May 16, 2014 and an email notification should be sent to your e-mail address. See sample notification below:

Hope you did follow our suggestion to purchase MBT shares last April. If you have any quiries, feel free to contact me through the "Contact Me" form:

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Happy Investing!

May Success be to you,

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

PWP Stock Favorite: Updates on the Stock Ratings

Have you been following our Pocketwise Pinoy (PwP) Stock Favorite table?
I have updated the table based on the current actions I am taking.

As of today, below are some of the stocks I am investing in and they were summarized in our PwP Stock Favorite Table.

I am still buying SMPH, MBT and MEG but for DNL, I sold all my shares.

Last May, I sold my shares at Php 9.75. I bought them at Php 7.04. This gave me a profit of 38%. I was hoping it will go up but few weeks after, DNL went down so I waited for the price to go up again. Just this morning, DNL's price opened at Php 9.30 but in a few hours, it went up to Php 9.80 pesos. I was able to sell mine at Php 9.79. Now, I will be reinvesting my funds from selling DNL by buying more stocks of SMPH, MBT and MEG. This is a blessed morning! Have a good day everyone and Happy Investing!

P.S. Please take note that the table above shows the stocks I am investing in and the action I am taking based on the current market price. It does not guarantee anything but this is just to give you an idea on what stocks I am investing in as a long term investor and if I am currently buying, selling or holding my shares.
For more details on what companies are good to invest in and to get monthly updates (or as often as possible), visit the Truly Rich Club page. The club provides suggested stocks as well as the buying or selling price for each stock. 

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