Sunday, June 1, 2014

PWP Stock Favorite: Updates on the Stock Ratings

Have you been following our Pocketwise Pinoy (PwP) Stock Favorite table?
I have updated the table based on the current actions I am taking.

As of today, below are some of the stocks I am investing in and they were summarized in our PwP Stock Favorite Table.

I am still buying SMPH, MBT and MEG but for DNL, I sold all my shares.

Last May, I sold my shares at Php 9.75. I bought them at Php 7.04. This gave me a profit of 38%. I was hoping it will go up but few weeks after, DNL went down so I waited for the price to go up again. Just this morning, DNL's price opened at Php 9.30 but in a few hours, it went up to Php 9.80 pesos. I was able to sell mine at Php 9.79. Now, I will be reinvesting my funds from selling DNL by buying more stocks of SMPH, MBT and MEG. This is a blessed morning! Have a good day everyone and Happy Investing!

P.S. Please take note that the table above shows the stocks I am investing in and the action I am taking based on the current market price. It does not guarantee anything but this is just to give you an idea on what stocks I am investing in as a long term investor and if I am currently buying, selling or holding my shares.
For more details on what companies are good to invest in and to get monthly updates (or as often as possible), visit the Truly Rich Club page. The club provides suggested stocks as well as the buying or selling price for each stock. 

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