Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stock Market Update: What Happens After LRI Tender Offer

LRI's tender offer ended last September 3. I hope you were able to tender your shares! It's good to receive these kinds of important stock market announcements and suggestions. :)

For COL Financial users, you might have noticed that your current balance does not include the amount that you are supposed to get after tendering your LRI shares.

According to the information I got from COL Financial, the sales amount from the LRI tender offer will not be credited immediately. It will be given after the target settlement date on September 15. We should expect sales to be credited by September 16. So don't panic. As long as you tendered your shares on or before September 3, you're good.

How to check if you were able to successfully tender your LRI shares?

Go to Portfolio and click the "View Monthly Account Ledger". Choose "current" if you are accessing it this September 2015 or choose "historical" then pick September 2015 in the Report Month picklist.

You should have this line item in the displayed transactions:

What will I do if I wasn't able to tender my shares?

For now, all we can do is wait if the offer will be extended. Last 2013, a somehow similar thing happened to SMDC. SMPH offered SMDC shareholders to tender their shares in exchange for SMPH shares. To liquidate, they just have to sell their exchanged SMPH shares. FOr those who haven't tendered their shares, SEC allowed the offer to be extended: This is not always the case but it is possible that the tender offer can be extended.

Hope this helps! If you have inputs or questions, please put them in the comment portion below.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Stock Market Update: LRI's Tender Offer Until Today Only

Today is the last day to tender your LRI shares. Make sure you do it before 3:30pm today, September 3.

By tendering your LRI shares, your shares will be bought at 10.26 pesos each. It is suggested that you tender your shares as it is possible to delisted from Philippine Stock Market. If delisted, it will be harder to liquidate your investment.

For COL Financial users, you can tender your shares by clicking the "Tender Offer.." area as seen in the image below.

You will then be directed to terms and conditions page where you will see more info about the tender offer.

As stated, AEV CRH HOLDINGS, Inc. plans to acquire 88.85% of LRI common shares and has plans delisting LRI from Philippine Stock Market. So better to accept the tender offer. And don't forget, it can only be tendered until today at 3:30pm.

Thanks to Truly Rich Club's email notifications for reminding me.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

PWP Stock Favorite: Stock Updates in January

Updates on our Pocketwise Pinoy Stock Favorites!

Some of you might have just started investing in stock market and have no clue on what stocks you should buy. I thought of sharing to you some of the stocks I am investing in and what are the current actions I am taking.

Here's our PwP Stock Favorite Table:

LRI and FGEN are still in the BUY status but SMPH, MBT and MEG is on HOLD since they are above our Truly Rich Club buying price, If the prices go up and hit our target price, then it's selling time for SMPH, MBT and MEG! But if it goes down, then we can buy them again.

For those who followed our PwP Stock Favorite update last year, you could have bought SMPH, MBT and MEG at around 15.5,  87.6, and 4.50 , respectively. The lowest profit you could have gotten is 11% in 6 months if you sell your shares at the price indicated in our PwP Stock Favorite table.

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P.S. Please take note that the table above shows the stocks I am investing in and the action I am taking based on the current market price. It does not guarantee anything but this is just to give you an idea on what stocks I am investing in as a long term investor and if I am currently buying, selling or holding my shares.
For more details on what companies are good to invest in and to get monthly updates (or as often as possible), visit the Truly Rich Club page. The club provides suggested stocks as well as the buying or selling price for each stock. 

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