How to Join Truly Rich Club

Truly Rich Club is a club or group founded by Bo Sanchez. The club provides support to those who want to grow both in their financial and spiritual aspects.

After reading Bo's ebook "My Maid Invests in the Stock Market and Why You Should Too", I joined the club because I wanted to get guidance in stock market on what stocks to buy. Since I am not an expert in reading those financial graphs and have no experience in analyzing the stock market movement, I made a decision to join the club. After joining, I realize that there are more blessings I'll get from the club than the stock market guidance.

Here are some of those blessings:

Blessing #1 - GodWhispers

Everyday, the club sends a letter or a reminder how much God values us and how much He loves us. There are times when I feel down and these letters remind me everyday that God is with me in this journey to encourage me.

Blessing #2 - Powertalk 

Every month, members receive mp3s of Bro Bo's talks. These are powerful talks given by Bro Bo about the different areas of our lives. It may be about the financial aspect, spiritual or even about relationships.

Blessing #3 - WealthStrategies

Like Powertalks, members will also receive monthly articles on practical "action plans" as what Bro Bo describes. These action plans teaches on how to grow in one's financial life. Theses articles are short and direct to the point.

Blessing #4 & #5 - Free E-books

Apart from the ebook "My Maid Invests in the Stock Market and Why You Should Too" which can be received upon visiting the site (just put your e-mail address), you will also be able to receive the 2 e-books "How To Conquer Your Goliath" and "How To Turn Your Thoughts Into Things". I love these two books.

How To Conquer Your Goliath talks about the keys to overcome every problem that prevent you from reaching your dreams. This actually helped me to change my view on how to handle struggles and problems. This is a encouraging book for those who always feel down with the small or big trials.

How To Turn Your Thoughts Into Things shows a new view about God's blessings. We sometimes think that blessings are scarce and that you have to work hard to find it. This book changes that view and tells you that blessings are more than enough for everyone of us. You just have to know how it operates.

Blessing #6 - Stocks Update

Monthly the club gives stocks update which contains the suggested stocks, the prices that we should look at and the recommended action (whether to buy, hold or sell). This section is what they call the SAM Table and it looks something like this:

SAM Table is also updated daily and can be seen by members in the Truly Rich Club site for guidance.

Through Stocks Update, the club also provides insights on what's happening in the market in instances when there's a sudden fall or rise in the prices, when there are updates that long investors need to know, and when there are important news about the companies they recommended. This newsletter is really very helpful for those who are interested in investing or are already investing in stock market but doesn't have any idea on what to buy and when to buy or sell shares.

If you are interested to receive all of those blessings above, just click the link below:

I want to join Truly Rich Club

Scroll down the page and choose the appropriate option as seen in the below image.

Subscription for Philippine residents is Php 497.00. It can be paid through credit card or cash. For cash payments, a minimum of 6 months subscription should be deposited through bank. For credit card, it will be a monthly payment of Php 497.00 until you decide to end it.

You might be wondering why there's a subscription fee. The club is maintained by talented people who do researches for the members on the stock market updates. The subscription fee is actually cheaper than doing the research by yourself. Imagine if you would be researching the different companies where you can invest, if you would be analyzing those financial graphs and if you would be monitoring your stock market account every single minute worrying if you made the correct investment or not. I think that's more expensive. :) You can also look at the other blessings offered which I believe amounts to more than the subscription fee.4

Money Back Guaranteed

If you feel you don't benefit or profit from the club, you can tell the club on the first month and your subscription will be given back to you with no questions ask.

NO Lock-In Period

If you exceed the first month and decided to cancel your subscription, you can do that anytime. :) There is no lock-in period.

Want the subscription for free?

Invite 5 friends to join and your monthly subscription will be given back to you through this 7th blessing.

Blessing #7 - Affiliate Commission

You become Bro Bo's partner. As a partner, you earn 20% when you invite someone and that person also joins the club. You also get 5% commission if the person whom you've invited and who joined the club was also able to encourage someone to subscribe.

If you have further questions, please use the "Contact Me" form to contact me through email.

May Success be to You,

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