FAQs: Stock Market

1. I wanted to start investing. How do I do that?
Answer: Please check my blog post containing a simple guide for those who wanted to start their own stock market investment.  Blog Post >>>>  Philippine Stock Market Guide For Starters

2. What's the minimum amount needed to open an account in COL Financial?
Answer: You only need Php 5000.00.

3. Can the initial deposit of Php 5000.00 in COL Financial be used to buy shares?
Answer: Yes, definitely. The initial deposit will serve as your initial fund so you can buy shares.

4. Do I have to fund my account monthly? Is there a maintaining balance on the available funds in my account?
Answer: You can fund your account anytime through different means. Please check in this link >>> How to Fund a COL Financial Account. There's no maintaining balance. You can fund your account with Php 3000 and use up your newly credited fund to buy shares.


  1. For Php 5000.00 as initial deposit, can I invest this amount to 2 companies?

    1. Hi,

      That's possible if the companies you will invest in require minimum amounts that will sum up to 5k or less. For example, you want to invest in Company A and Company B. Company A has a minimum purchase of 10 shares. Each share is equivalent to 100 pesos. Therefore you need 1000 pesos to purchase the minimum of 10 shares. If company B declares a minimum purchase of 100 shares and each share costs 35 pesos, you need to have 3500 to purchase the required minimum shares. Therefore, with 5000, you can purchase 10 shares of Company A and 100 shares of company B for 1000 + 3500 = 4500. Plus there are taxes for each buying transactions ao you will spend 4500 plus for the investment for 2 companies. I hope that clarifies. :)


  2. hi can i have your email add pls.. have a lot of questions :)

    1. Hi! Please use the "Contact Me" form if you have any questions. Thank you!

  3. Hi! Are there other stock market investment websites other than COL? I just want to know my options. Thank you.